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Värin - äänin
Värin - äänin
Värin - äänin

The stop motion animation is the artist’s personal attempt to portray infinity “with colour – with sound”. The concept of infinity is both fascinating and frustrating. How can something be infinite? Is there something beyond infinite? Infinity can be approached with imagination or mathematics – yet it can never be attained. Each frame of the animation is a painting or a drawing. The soundtrack is composed of manipulated recordings.

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English title / With colour - with sound
Original title / Värin - äänin
Keywords / animation, painting (artistic creation), drawing, infinity
Type / Single channel
Genre / experimental
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:05:28
Language / No dialogue
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2016
Cast / Petteri Cederberg (Cinematographer), Petteri Cederberg (Composer), Petteri Cederberg (Director), Petteri Cederberg (Editor), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture / - (Funder), TAIKE / - (Funder), Espoon Kaupunki / - (Funder), Petteri Cederberg (Author), Petteri Cederberg (Sound Design)
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