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Kaksi kanaa

Two Chickens is a form of cinematic action painting. The film presents a hysterical set of images of the female body, awkward auditions, crackers, a hovering feather and an overwhelming amount of paint and colour. Ruutsalo manipulates changing images with an intuitive intensity. Otto Donner’s music is one of the forgotten gems of Finnish movie soundtrack.

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English title / Two Chickens
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Kaksi kanaa
Original title / Kaksi kanaa
Keywords / animation, birds, women, nudity, colours, forms
Type / Single channel
Genre / experimental
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 4:3
Duration / 00:03:20
Language / English
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 1963
Cast / Otto Donner (Composer), Eino Ruutsalo (Director), Eino Ruutsalo (Author)
Website / http:// 
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