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Täydellisen pimennyksen vyöhyke
Täydellisen pimennyksen vyöhyke
Täydellisen pimennyksen vyöhyke
Täydellisen pimennyksen vyöhyke

This piece is based on scientific film footage shot by the Finnish Geodetic Institute in Poroluoto, western Finland in 1945. Filmed during a total solar eclipse, this was the first time in history that sound film was used to measure the exact geographical distance between two continents, Europe and North America. The scientists attempted to calculate the passage of time by beaming long-wave radio signals into space and synchronizing these signals with their cinematic observations. The experiment failed, however, due to loading errors and mechanical running problems with the newly introduced 35mm cameras. The work consists of two separate reels – positive (‘The Sun’) and negative (‘The Moon’) – projected simultaneously, superimposed on a wall. The piece pays homage to the early pioneers of scientific film, a celebration of our subliminal dark side and interplanetary shadows.

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English title / The Zone of Total Eclipse
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Täydellisen pimennyksen vyöhyke
Original title / Täydellisen pimennyksen vyöhyke
Type / Installation
Genre / experimental
Country / Finland
Duration / 00:06:00
Year / 2006
Cast / Mika Taanila (Author)
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