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Lumottu lapsi

The Bewitched Child is a fantasy film for both adults and children. The story follows a small boy facing the strange consequences of his thoughtless action and his mean deeds. This dance and music film is based on a miniature opera by Maurice Ravel.

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English title / The Bewitched Child
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Lumottu lapsi
Original title / Lumottu lapsi
Keywords / family (phenomena), violence, fiction, children (age groups), animals, destruction, stories, human relations, music, adulthood
Type / Single channel
Genre / dance films, performance art, experimental
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:47:00
Language / French
Sound format / Dolby Digital 5.1
Year / 2004
Cast / Marikki Hakola (Director), Marikki Hakola (Editor), Marikki Hakola (Producer), Raimo Uunila (Camera), Camilla Siren (Graphics), Jouni Lähteenaho (Lighting), Tiina Kiuru (Make-Up), Jari Kettunen (Make-Up), Riikka Poulsen (Production Manager), Epa Tamminen (Sound Mixer), Olli Pärnänen (Sound Mixer), Marikki Hakola (Script), Marikki Hakola (Author), Katriina Ilmaranta (3d Animation), Niina Pasanen (Location Manager), Johanna Heikkilä (Location Manager), Katriina Ilmaranta (Location Manager), Kroma Productions oy / - (Production Company), Katariina Kapi (Set Designer), Epa Tamminen (Sound Design)
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