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Animated dance film reaches towards “familiarly alien” athmospere. It approaches choreographic concept from a very wide perspective. All movement is considered as grand choreographic network, where everything is interconnected. All moving characters and abstract architectural constructions of the network have their specific choreographic profile and ways to interact with the other aspects of the network. Robotic choreography is influenced by mechanic and organic beings from the nature. The film approaches the concept of “natural movement” more by rhythmic or geometric than textual means.

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English title / REVERSEforward
Original title / REVERSEforward
Keywords / three-dimensionality, abstract, choreography
Type / Single channel
Genre / dance films, experimental
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 2,35:1
Duration / 00:18:38
Language / No dialogue
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2017
Cast / Marko Luukkonen (Cinematographer), Mikko Kallinen (Director), Mikko Kallinen (Editor), Mikko Kallinen (Actor), Amanda Bee3 (Actor), Tanssin Talo ry / - (Funder), Uudenmaan taidetoimikunta / - (Funder), Kone Foundation / - (Funder), Taiteen edistämiskeskus / Mediataide / - (Funder), VISEK / - (Funder), Mikko Kallinen (Script), Mikko Kallinen (Author), Girilail Baars (Sound Design)
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