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The starting point for ONE is a video taken with a mobile phone. The camera has not been able to capture the original view, and the resulting video contains only mystical glitch. What causes the glitch? What is the moment or subject that was originally attempted to be documented? Is there a huge planet or a tiny cell in the video? Perhaps it is something else – a human or even God? The soundscape of ONE is homage to big questions, a mash-up of 1960’s sci-fi cinema soundtracks.

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English title / ONE
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / ONE
Original title / ONE
Keywords / animation, music, static, colours
Type / Single channel
Genre / experimental
Country / Finland, China
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:07:45
Language / No dialogue
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2015
Cast / Juha van Ingen (Cinematographer), Juha van Ingen (Director), Juha van Ingen (Editor), Juha van Ingen (Script), Juha van Ingen (Author), Juha van Ingen (Sound Design)
Website / http:// 
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