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Äidin hermot
Äidin hermot
Äidin hermot

Mother’s Nerves is a little story about fitting in, about a boy who is ignored at home. He cannot find a reason for his mother’s cold behaviour, so he concludes that he himself is to blame. It would be better not to be at all than to be in the way.

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English title / Mother’s Nerves
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Äidin hermot
Original title / Äidin hermot
Keywords / fiction, childhood, radio plays, self-destruction
Type / Single channel
Genre / personal narrative
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:15:00
Language / Finnish
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2017
Cast / Arja Kärkkäinen (Cinematographer), Tuukka Haapakorpi (Composer), Arja Kärkkäinen (Director), Arja Kärkkäinen (Editor), Kuvataideakatemia / - (Funder), Arja Kärkkäinen (Author), Tuukka Haapakorpi (Sound Design)
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