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It’s been said that children speak the truth. Where this blind faith of truth they provide us with originates from? From the metaphysical ether of ideas? From the Sirens in the seas of the unconscious, or from the Dreamtime? From our own foolish unconditional love? Indigenous cultures preserved the essence of their traditions into orally transmitted songs. We adults save it all in the cloud and ask for Siri. Aboriginals used song lines to navigate their arduous passages through endless desserts. African tribes used culling songs to defend themselves. They all sang their songs. We search the web. Today we still tell stories. Sing karaokes, slam poetry and speak in metaphors. Fairytales involved wise narrators who often took animal form and performed dramatic acts. These stories live still even among adults. Lullabies delves into the dreams of today to generate a master lullaby that puts the whole wide World into sleep.

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English title / Lullabies
Original title / Lullabies
Keywords / young people, power, childhood
Type / Single channel
Genre / performance art, personal narrative, music video
Country / Finland, Sweden
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:04:14
Language / Swedish
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2017
Cast / Petri Saarikko (Cinematographer), Fredric Andersson (Cinematographer), Johan Grusell (Composer), Petri Saarikko (Director), Jamal Sameh (Editor), Elsa Appelberg (Actor), Alaa Alamed (Actor), Shahad Ibrahem (Actor), Woad Ibrahem (Actor), Maja Arthursson (Actor), Safaa Ibrahem (Actor), Alma Martinsson (Actor), Klara Ryberg (Actor), Lovisa Rietz (Actor), Amir Hosini (Actor), Vera Westberg (Actor), Mohadeshen Nore (Actor), Simon Nilsson (Actor), Tuva Almgren (Actor), Malva Dovander (Actor), Maroa Ibrahem (Actor), Ahmad Safi (Actor), Vilton Arenhill (Actor), Leo Hammarstedt (Actor), Signe Wåhlstrand (Actor), Mehri Hosini (Actor), Mörbylånga kommun / - (Funder), Finnish Cultural Foundation / - (Funder), Kalmar Konstmuseum / - (Funder), Ölands Folkhögskola / - (Funder), Arts Promotion Centre Finland / - (Funder), Reaktor / - (Funder), Maroa Ibrahem (Script), Elsa Appelberg (Script), Safaa Ibrahem (Script), Amir Hosini (Script), Lovisa Rietz (Script), Vera Westberg (Script), Vilton Arenhill (Script), Simon Nilsson (Script), Signe Wåhlstrand (Script), Malva Dovander (Script), Leo Hammarstedt (Script), Mohadeshen Nore (Script), Tuva Almgren (Script), Maja Arthursson (Script), Woad Ibrahem (Script), Alma Martinsson (Script), Mehri Hosini (Script), Ahmad Safi (Script), Alaa Alamed (Script), Shahad Ibrahem (Script), Klara Ryberg (Script), Petri Saarikko (Author)
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