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Onks tää mä?

Animation about the changes that pregnancy causes in the artist’s body. The artist appears herself in the video: pregnant, in a profile. The female body changes: belly bounces up and down, gets bigger and smaller in a fast tempo. Objects and furniture change their places and travels inside the room. Subtitles repeat what people have said to the artist during her pregnancy. In the end a big question mark lands on top of the artist. The soundtrack consists of the heart beats of an unborn child.

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English title / Is This Me?
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Onks tää mä?
Original title / Onks tää mä?
Keywords / family (phenomena), body image and culture, animation, children (age groups), parents, women, change
Type / Single channel
Genre /  
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 4:3
Duration / 00:01:32
Language / No dialogue
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2005
Cast / Vera Nevanlinna (Director), Pentti Luomakangas (Sound), Vera Nevanlinna (Author), Vera Nevanlinna (Cast), Rebecka Luomakangas (Cast)
Website / http:// 
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