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Anki Under
Anki Under
Anki Under

Anki’s left amygdala is smaller than the other one. She lives a solitary life and is afraid of everything outside the four walls of her apartment. Anki gets a strange phone call and defies her fears in the hope for finding love. She travels into her subconscious and recovers from her troubles. Also available as 3D version.

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English title / Anki Under
Original title / Anki Under
Keywords / love, loneliness, animals, fear, encounter, anxiety, illusions, dreams, subconscious
Type / Single channel
Genre / HLBTQI, experimental
Country / United Kingdom
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:09:07
Language / English
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2016
Cast / Steven Cameron Ferguson (Cinematographer), Thomsen Fraya (Composer), Anikó Kuikka (Director), Alana Francis (Producer), Zsofia Margit (Other ), Vivien Monory (Actor), Emma Drinkwater-James (Actor), London Velo / Sophie Segal (Funder), Onsight / Sam Hingham (Funder), Charlotte Ambrose (Make-Up), Tom Mason (Recordist), Dough Tempelton (Recordist), Anikó Kuikka (Author), Dayo James (Sound Design), Kaarina Eno (Costume Design)
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