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Sortir de cette image
Sortir de cette image
Sortir de cette image

‘Sortir de cette image’, filmed at Les Halles metro station in Paris, describes a dense intersection of images and crowds. Archival images, architectural drawings, films shot by local people, their interviews and an imaginary architectural model present us interpretations of the historical center of commerce on its way towards change, once again. 

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English title / A Way Out of This Image
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Ulos tästä kuvasta
Original title / Sortir de cette image
Keywords / archival materials, documentary films, urban landscape, architecture
Type / Single channel
Genre / personal narrative
Country / Finland, France
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:07:57
Language / French
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2009
Cast / Sophie Cadet (Cinematographer), Anu Pennanen (Director), Anu Pennanen (Editor), Ariane Arana (Actor), Zoubeir Haffez (Actor), Henri Pelufo (Actor), Yasmine Soudja (Actor), Dorothée Hogrel (Actor), Bernadette Merlety (Actor), Ériola Yanhoui (Actor), Suomen Taiteilijaseura / - (Funder), Greta ja William Lehtisen säätiö / - (Funder), Alfred Kordelin Foundation / - (Funder), Anu Pennanen (Author), Fred Bigot (Sound Design)
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