Renting Screening Rights

We charge screening fees for the public presentation of our member artists’ works.
60% of the collected fees are paid as royalties to the artists. The rest is used to cover some of our technical costs.

Utilizing the services of AV-arkki is cost-effective and saves resources. We tend to our customers’ needs, and the presentation rights fee includes our whole service package:

– The staff’s know-how and guidance in choosing the works and in questions about technology

– Producing the technically most suitable screening copy to fit your needs

– The right to use promotional material

– Copyright fees for the artists

Our staff will assist you in any questions concerning the renting or purchasing of works!

The conditions or rental

We do not charge VAT/Sales tax. Fees include rental of the screening rights and use of promotional material. Handling and delivery costs are added to the fee.

You will find screening fees from our price list here.

Regular delivery time is 2 weeks upon receiving your order (time for shipping is not included in the delivery time). Rush fees will apply.

Late returns
Additional fees will be charged for late returns of exhibition materials or previews. Unreturned materials will be billed to the client as a purchase of presentation rights.

Video formats
Not all titles are available in all standards and formats. Additional fees and time may be required for transfers to a specific requested format or for NTSC conversion.

Placing an order means that you accept the conditions for rental.

The rental conditions are as follows:

– All screening and preview copies have to be returned to AV-arkki within 2 weeks after the event has ended.

– All digital files of media art works distributed by AV-arkki and any kind of copies made from them have to be deleted permanently after your event.

– The video may not be uploaded online, used for promotional purposes or presented in any other form than originally agreed upon with AV-arkki.

– Copying, duplicating or recording the video in any way is not allowed.

– Keeping the work as a part of any archive, collection or library (private or public) after the rental period is not allowed.

– The video can be shown only during the period that it was originally rented for. Any additional screenings, extensions of exhibition period etc. need to be separately agreed upon. Additional screening fees are charged according to AV-arkki’s current rates.