Price List

Here are AV-arkki’s service fees for customers and members.

Regular delivery time is 2 weeks upon receiving your order. Rush delivery charge is 100%. Handling and delivery costs are added to the fee.

AV-arkki is a non-profit organisation. We dot not charge VAT/Sales tax.

You will find directions for international payments at the end of this page.

Screening fees

AV-arkki charges screening fees for the public presentation of its member artists’ works.

Placing an order means that you accept the conditions for rental.

Fees include rental of the screening rights and use of promotional material. Delivery costs are added to the fee. Regular delivery time is 2 weeks upon receiving your order (time for shipping is not included in the delivery time). Rush fees will apply.

Screening of media art works at film festivals, lectures etc.

Duration of the work under 20 minutes, price 70 €/screening
Duration of the work 20-40 minutes, price 140 €/screening
Duration of the work over 40 minutes, price 280 €/screening

+ Handling and delivery 25 €/order.

-50% discount for additional screenings of the same work in the same venue.

Exhibiting as installations in museums, galleries etc.

360 €/work/first exhibition month, additional months 180€/month.

Fees for longer exhibition times and rental of multiple titles is negotiated on a case to case basis.

Screening copies have to be returned to AV-arkki after the event.


60 €/h
Minimum charge 60 €

Editing service

120 €/h
Minimum charge 120 €

File transfer

Online file transfer 25 €
(Does not include editing services. Additional editing fees apply.)

Handling and delivery

25 €/order

Directions for international payments in this link.