Tero Puha's solo exhibition Longings @ Showroom Berliini 24.10.-13.11.2014

Artist: Tero Puha
Event type: solo exhibition
Name of the event: Longings
Time: 24.10.-13.11.2014
Event location: Showroom Berliini

For his solo show at Showroom Berliini, Finnish prominent media artist and film maker Tero Puha (1971) presents three key works from three different eras of his artistic practice: Blockage (2014), Nine to Five (2008) and The Right Way to Be (2005). Studies of love and gender identity grow into larger stories of power and desire. Humour, sarcasm and the grotesque are tools of digging deeper into the human psyche and the carnival of the social behavior in the sharp-edged films.

Links: https://www.facebook.com/events/1528304634066209/

CURATOR / ARTIST Talk: TERO PUHA Sat 25th Oct 2014 4PM
Showroom launches a new series of artist talks where curators, artists & professionals from different areas of expertise meet to discuss topics related to the exhibition. Free entry. Warmly welcome!


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