AV-arkki presents: Space Tripper @ Now&After’15

AV-arkki presents: Space Tripper @ Now&After’15

International Video Art Festival “Now&After” is an annual event in Moscow, Russia. The fifth edition of the Festival will take place at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture from April 21 till June 21, 2015. The topic for the 2015 edition is “A Space We Choose”.

Space is at the same time a philosophic category, our everyday reality and a basic concept in architecture. But what kind of space is more interesting for artists?

For a special guest programme, AV-arkki has been invited to present a a selection of Finnish media art under the theme “Architectural Space”. We are very pleased to present the programme Space Tripper.

AV-arkki presents: Space Tripper, 16 June 2015

The programme presents experimental short films from current Finnish video and media artists, who investigate the dimensions of Architectural Space as a physical state of being as well as a mental state of mind.

Lauri Astala “Transit” (2014, 09:30)
Sari Palosaari “Showerama” (2006, 02:54)
Dave Berg “Barbieworld Experience Part 1. – Overture” (2014, 03:32)
Tuomas A. Laitinen “Rising” (2010, 16:53)
Erkka Nissinen “Material Conditions of Inner Spaces” (2014, 15:29)
Timo Vaittinen “In Da Club” (2006, 00:55)
Ewa Gorzna “Rearranged” (2014, 09:47)
Jukka Silokunnas “Structural Change” (2012, 01:06)

Now&After’15 is organised by Media Art Centre Now&After. Now&After director and curator is Marina Fomenko.

International Video Art Festival Now&After at Schusev State Museum of Architecture
in Moscow, Russia, April 21 – June 21, 2015.

Web: http://now-after.org/eng/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Video-Art-Festival-NowAfter
Twitter: @NowAfterFest


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