Sini Pelkki @ group exhibition Continuous Material,  Durham Castle Museum and Drop City, 27 April — 24 May 2015

Sini Pelkki @ group exhibition Continuous Material, Durham Castle Museum and Drop City, 27 April — 24 May 2015

Artist: Sini Pelkki
Event type: group exhibition
Name of the event: Continuous Material

Time: 27 April — 24 May 2015

Event location: Durham Castle Museum and Drop City, Newcastle (UK)

Continuous Material – Eric Bainbridge, Paul Becker, Ralf Brög, Aleksandra Konopek, Sini Pelkki, Josh Wilson.

Continuous Material is an exhibition by Eleanor Wright and Sam Watson with six invited artists and collaborators, commissioned by Durham University and the Centre for Visual Arts and Cultures. The exhibition explores the sites of Durham Castle, Durham UNESCO World Heritage Site and the contemporary art gallery Drop City in Newcastle through the practices of all eight contributors, their individual approaches to objects and storytelling, formally and conceptually and how the artworks they produce suggest narrative worlds each with their own set of rules and parameters.

Manoeuvring through two sites in two cities visitors encounter a series of subtle relationships between place and narrative, the exhibition and the personal, and the role of the artist as producer and storyteller in a continuously historicised and reinvented world.

In the first venue at Durham Castle, a host of found and crafted objects are arranged amongst existing artefacts within museological display cases and bespoke exhibition furniture. This sequence follows a principle of repetition and development that runs through their work as a whole. The second part of the exhibition, displayed in the gallery space of Drop City, contains a series of new works including Gradual Stiffening, photographs depicting objects and exhibition arrangements in process − alluding to the virtual connections between apparently isolated events and objects. Remixing recent and distant history alike, the moulding and reshaping of history forms a quiet backdrop to this series of new and invited works.

Wright and Watson seek to address temporalities within recording and displacement, particularly the autonomy and residual contexts of work generated from a specific site. By showing an originally site-specific body of work in a new context, separated from the ‘inherited’ connotations provided by the first location, they consider questions about representation of historical fact and their own work.

Wright and Watson are interested in how both situations of Continuous Material (Durham Castle and Drop City) can provide certain modes of experience for the audiences. The exhibition features a number of new and existing works by Wright and Watson and invited artists that function between sculpture, photography, architecture, literature and curation; sculptural objects by Eric Bainbridge presented amongst historical artefacts; the film work Embarkation by Sini Pelkki; a spatial light design by Aleksandra Konopek; and Ralf Brög’s Isolations, which are here re-worked into a series of collaboratively designed integrated display objects, developing a relationship between artwork and display, collaborator and curator.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts, FRAME Visual Art Finland, and Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust.

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