Shared practices for distributing and archiving media art

Shared practices for distributing and archiving media art


All the Nordic countries are facing similar challenges regarding the archiving, preservation and distribution of media art, both historical and contemporary. This network focuses on collaboration and exchange of ideas and expertise, sharing and translating resources and best practices as well as building concrete collaboration projects between the partner organizations. The participating organizations represent the major archivers and distributors of media art in their respective countries.

The fast development of digital media and the challenges of new technology create an acute need for improved solutions and practices within organizations working with the archiving, restoration or distribution of media art.

The core group of project is:

AV-arkki, Finland
Filmform, Sweden
Videokunstarkivet / PNEK, Norway
Vasulka Chamber, National Gallery, Iceland
LIMA, the Netherlands

Within this group there is a strong desire to collaborate in developing and sharing resources and best practices and a positive attitude towards pooling information and expertise. All the partners have their own strengths and weaknesses. In some member countries digitizing, distributing and archiving media art was only just beginning, whereas in others there are established organizations dedicated to the field of media art, which had been functioning for decades. Resources and practices that member organizations have developed, could and should be translated and shared to the other organizations reciprocally. The five organizations want to explore the possibilities to cooperatively face these challenges and develop a network and methods for the rapid exchange of knowledge.

The project runs for year 2016 and it has has received short-term network funding from Nordic Culture Point.


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