Seven Finnish short films participate in the 7th Cairo Video Festival, Dec 3 - 12

Seven Finnish short films participate in the 7th Cairo Video Festival, Dec 3 - 12

Image: Pekka Sassi, After Everything (2014)

A total of seven short films from Finland have been chosen to be part of the 7th Cairo Video Festival through AV-arkki’s distribution. The event takes place from December 3 to 12, 2015 in different cultural venues around Cairo, Egypt, including Medrar for Contemporary Art. 

The films selected to the programme are:

Pekka Sassi: After Everything (2014 | 28:46)

After Everything is a story of two boys in a world where brutality, inhumanity and killing an angel are commonplace and part of the everyday. The powerful story leads to a situation in which brutality is victorious, yet beyond total destruction there is also room for a new beginning. The film has recently been seen in the International Competitions of LUFF, the 21st l’Étrange Festival and at SHORTS MÉXICO.

Dave Berg: Barbieworld Experience Part 1 – Overture (2014 | 03:32)

In Dave Berg’s animation the theme evolves around the human mind at its breaking point – where the parts are yet to escape but the cracks are visible. The film was seen in the programme of SHORTS MÉXICO and in the International Competition of Videoformes.

Milla Moilanen: Cycle (2014 | 10:00)

Milla Moilanen’s film presents the cycle of life. The animation is based on found footage from the end of the 19th century and photos from the director’s family album. It will be screened during INVIDEO 2015 in Milan in October.

Erkka Nissinen: Material Conditions of Inner Spaces (2014 | 15:29)

Three men are trying to change the material conditions by social action. The lead characters of this absurdist slapstick musical are on a quest to find their inner spaces. During the past year, Nissinen’s films have been presented in competitions and retrospective screenings around the world.

Ewa Górzna: Rearranged (2014 | 09:47)

Rearranged is a calmly flowing journey through the space submitted to an unexpected transformation. It reveals a surreal moment when the wild enters the conventional rearranging the established order according to unrestrained turbulent rules. The film won the Artist Award at Odense International Film Festival and it was awarded as Best Experimental Short Film in the International Competition at LUFF 2015.

Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts: The Factory of the World (2014 | 08:00)

The Factory of the World presents video images from a former electronics factory in northern Finland. The images are juxtaposed with audio narration about working conditions in factories in China. The work observes how the lives and destinies of workers in China and in Finland are connected.​ The film participates in the Documentary Competition at interfilm Berlin and it was presented in LISFE 2015.

Lauri Astala: Transit (2014 | 09:30)

The theme of Transit revolves around the collective visual ideas and notions of the urban environment. Through the camera movements, angles and framings, the “documentary” shots taken in New York shift the city into a fictitious urban space, whose visual familiarity stems from the history of film. Astala’s film has participated in a vast amount of international festivals and events, including the competitions of Asiana Short Film Festival, VIDEOFORMES, Hamburg International Short Film Festival and Odense International Short Film Festival.

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7th Cairo Video Festival in Cairo, Egypt, 3 – 12 December, 2015. More information:

AV-arkki has promoted and distributed Finnish media art since 1989. AV-arkki’s promotional efforts have made the artists’ participation in this event possible.

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