Rearranged by Ewa Górzna wins the price for Best Experimental Short Film at LUFF 2015!

Rearranged by Ewa Górzna wins the price for Best Experimental Short Film at LUFF 2015!

AV-arkki is pleased to announce that the jury of the LUFF – Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival has given the price of Best Experimental Short Film to Rearranged (2014) by Ewa Górzna (b. 1982).

The film was also awarded at the Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema in October. 

Many congratulations to Ewa Górzna for the achievements!

LUFF was held in Lausanne, Switzerland between October 14 and 18, 2015. In addition to Górznas film, Pekka Sassi’s (b. 1969) film After Everything (2014) was also presented in the competition through AV-arkki’s distribution. Read more ››

In August 2015, Górzna also won the Artist Award with Rearranged at the Odense International Film Festival. The film participated in the Nordic Competition of the 27th Minimalen Short Film Festival in April 2015, and was awarded with the Grand Prix at the 7th One Take Film Festival in Zagreb, Croatia in 2014.

The film also participates in ZINEBI – the International Festival of Documentary and Short Film, taking place in Bilbao, Spain between 13 and 20 November, 2015.

directors_portrait_gorzna_ewaRearranged presents a calmly flowing journey through a space submitted to an unexpected transformation. It reveals a surreal moment when the wild enters the conventional rearranging the established order according to unrestrained turbulent rules.

Ewa Górzna is a visual artist working in the field of moving image. She creates short films as well as multichannel video installations. She completed a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. Her works have been shown at various art exhibitions and international film festivals. Currently she lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

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AV-arkki has promoted and distributed Finnish media art since 1989. AV-arkki’s promotional efforts have made the artist’s participation in this event possible.

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