Primus Tempus by Azar Saiyar @ MEDIAWAVE 2015 in Hungary

Primus Tempus by Azar Saiyar @ MEDIAWAVE 2015 in Hungary

Azar Saiyar’s film Primus Tempus has been selected to the International Competition of MEDIAWAVE – International Film and Music Gathering 2015, taking place in the Fort Monostor in Komarom, Hungary between April 28 and May 2nd.

In Primus Tempus, recognisable fragments of television commercials create an illusion that is different from the original clips. The images are still enchanting and appealing, but lack a direct connection to the original product. The context and interpretation become more vague and open.

Azar Saiyar (b. 1979) is an Iranian-Finnish visual artist and filmmaker. She grew up in Finland and Sweden, and has studied in Turku Arts Academy and University of Art and Design Helsinki. Saiyar’s films have been presented in festivals and events in Finland and abroad. This spring, Primus Tempus has also been presented in Akbank Short Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, the International Women’s Film Festival in Dortmund and in the International Competition of Kino der Kunst in Munich, Germany.

Film: Primus Tempus by Azar Saiyar
Event: MEDIAWAVE – International Film and Music Gathering 2015
Name of the screening: International Competition
Dates: 28 April – 2 May, 2015
Location: Komarom, Hungary
Curator: Jeno Hartyand

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