Milja Viita's installation Coriolis on show at Scotland's Centre for Photography

Artist: Milja Viita’s installation Coriolis @
Exhibition: A Thousand of Him, Scattered, 19.4.-20.7.2014, Stills – Scotland’s Centre for Photography

A Thousand of Him, Scattered: Relative Newcomers in Diaspora journeys through themes of storytelling and biography to examine how individuals relate to their diasporic status and its daily realities. Through the work of six international artists – four showing in Scotland for the first time – stories and links are told and travelled from Luanda to Tel Aviv, Togo to Helsinki. Each work differently reflects the history of diaspora as a concept, and the simultaneous utility and redundancy of it as a term describing a shared experience away from the homeland. The confrontation and resistance, dejection and upheaval, affirmation and attachments made visibly on show, urge us to (re)think and define ideas of belonging and citizenship in the present and for the future.

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