Diego Bruno's Galindez & Mika Taanila's Tectonic Plate @ Milano FF

Diego Bruno's Galindez & Mika Taanila's Tectonic Plate @ Milano FF

Diego Bruno’s Galindez (2015) and Mika Taanila’s Tectonic Plate (2016) are screened at Milano Film Festival, held from September 8–18.

Diego Bruno’s debut short documentary film was selected for the short film competition. Galindez is based on the theater play El Señor Galindez, written by Argen­tine psychoanalyst, dramaturgist and actor Eduardo Pavlovsky in 1972. The film takes as its setting the Payró Theater in Buenos Aires, in which the play was first released in January 1973. Diego Bruno’s work focuses on the formation and representation of ideology, the position of the intellectual, and forms of re-presentation, actualization of historical complexities.

Kuva: Taanila, Mannerlaatta (2016)

Still: Taanila, Mannerlaatta (2016)

Mika Taanila’s Tectonic Plate will be screened as a special event in collaboration with I Boreali – Nordic Festival and galleria Artopia. The camera-less lettrist film about fear of flying, security checks and time zones features acclaimed poet Harry Salmenniemi’s text and Mika Vainio’s music.

Milano Film Festival, September 8–18 2016, Italy

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