Mika Taanila in a group show in Nieuwe Vide Artspace in Haarlem, The Netherlands, Sept 12 – Nov 8, 2015

Mika Taanila in a group show in Nieuwe Vide Artspace in Haarlem, The Netherlands, Sept 12 – Nov 8, 2015

Mika Taanila (b. 1965) participates in a group exhibition at Nieuwe Vide Artspace in Haarlem, The Netherlands with his video work Thank You for The Music – A Film About Muzak (1997).

Other artists participating in the show are Yael Bartana, Erik Bünger, Saskia Burggraaf, Klaas Koetje, Natasha Taylor, Steven Jouwersma, Toon Fibbe, Ivette Mrova Zub, Jeff Gibson and Danae Valenza.

In Taanila’s film, surveillance footage provides a consistent visual motif, one which matches the lobotomized, 80 beats-per-minute serenity of the music. Taanila bathes the screen in an unearthly palette of neon hues, framing his interview subjects in ethereal, nonobjective settings which cut them off from everyday life. We are forced to enter into a perfectly rarefied environment of a sort consistent with the audio. In Taanila’s hands, Muzak becomes the acoustic battleground of the future.

Mika Taanila. Kuva: Anne Hämäläinen

Mika Taanila. Photo: Anne Hämäläinen

Mika Taanila is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He works with documentaries, experimental film and visual arts. Human engineering, utopias, failures and man-machines are recurring themes in his films and installations. Taanila’s works have been shown at major international group shows, such as Aichi Triennale (2013), dOCUMENTA (2012), Shanghai Biennale (2006), Berlin Biennale (2004), Manifesta (2002) and Istanbul Biennial (2001). Solo shows include the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki (2013–14), Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (2013), TENT, Rotterdam (2013) and Galleria Heino, Helsinki (2010). Taanila’s short films have been screened altogether at more than 300 international film festivals and special events.

In 2015, Taanila was awarded with the prestigious Ars Fennica Award, the biggest Finnish art award.

The Hills are alive with the sound of Muzak, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, The Netherlands, 12 September – 8 November, 2015.



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