Mia Mäkelä @ Imagine Science, Abu Dhabi, 19.2–21.2.2015

Mia Mäkelä @ Imagine Science, Abu Dhabi, 19.2–21.2.2015

Artist: Mia Mäkelä
Event type: screening
Name of the event: Imagine Science
Time: 19.2–21.2.2015
Event location: Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates

Event Description: Imagine Science- festival is screening Green Matters – Handbook for Algae Gatherers -video in Abu Dhabi.

In 2008, ISF founded the annual Imagine Science Film Festival, the first science film festival, founded and still run, by scientists.

In addition to the New York festival, ISF hosts satellite festivals around the world. Locations have included Chicago | Dublin | Quito | Bologna | Hong Kong | Athens | Kaluga | and Geneva.

Links: http://imaginesciencefilms.org/isf-satellite-abu-dhabi/schedule/

additional information: Imagine Science festival has screened Green Matters – video also at events in New York and Berlin in 2014.final_abu_dhabi_page_banner

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