Marko Lampisuo: The End of Landscape,  6.2.-28.2.2015 Showroom Berliini

Marko Lampisuo: The End of Landscape, 6.2.-28.2.2015 Showroom Berliini

Artist: Marko Lampisuo
Event type: solo exhibition
Name of the event: The End of Landscape
Time: 6.2.-28.2.2015

Event location: Showroom Berlin / Checkpoint Charlie, Charlottenstrasse 95, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany

Event Description: Marko Lampisuo / The End of Landscape / 6.2.-28.2.2015 / SHOWROOM BERLIINI

Artist Marko Lampisuo bites into the properties of image in a manner that can best be described as archeological. Both the human memory and the memory of various recording devices folds out in front of us directing our attention from the past towards the future.

Lampisuo makes videos and graphic art. He selects his motifs from the nature and sceneries, as well as from circle of his own family. The original, documentary take is usually only an impulse of a piece that gets its final shape after subsequent phases of craftsmanship.

The boundaries of the pieces are formed by the patterns set by the artist, and their repetitive nature unveils the beauty concealed in the structures of the material. Stretching the qualities of digital video image or a copper plate also has an effect on how the pieces mediate an experience of temporality. Regardless of the technique, Lampisuo’s work always has an experimental and cinematographic quality.

Showroom Berliini will showcase and screen Marko Lampisuo’s video and graphic series The End of Landscape, as well as the videos Future Ghosts and Self-portrait. In the mute Self-portrait, the artist prepares himself for something that can be seen both as a symbol of death or the continuum of art history.

In The End of Landscape an old video camera shoots its last images. It records the view from a train window, sunset and light upon the foliage. It then shoots the same videos over and over again on a TV screen, until the landscapes disintegrate and the electrical spaces hidden in the images are revealed. The music of the video was composed and realized by Jussi Lehtisalo.

Future Ghosts presents us with a scene familiar from family gatherings: the taking of a group photo. The past and future ghosts of generations echo on the soundtrack created by sound designer Taito Kantomaa and reflect on the images recycled by Lampisuo.

Marko Lampisuo (1970) was born in Turku and studied art in Tampere. Since 2004, he has been based in Pori on the Finnish west coast. The End of Landscape is his first private exhibition in Berlin.

The exhibition and Lampisuo’s work are supported by Satakunta Regional Fund of Finnish Cultural Foundation, Frame, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, and Lönnström Art Museum.

INVITATION – Opening Thursday 5th of February 2015 6-8PM in the presence of the Artist. Snacks & drinks. Join The End!


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