Large selection of Finnish Media Art at Rotterdam Film Festival opens AV-arkki’s 25th anniversary programme


Risto-Pekka Blom: Kudryavka – Little Ball of Fur

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is one of the most important audiovisual events in Europe. Even though IFFR is a film festival it also features media art, documentaries, experimental cinema, live events and all kinds of audiovisual productions. This year IFFR programme features many Finnish artists from the fields of media art, visual arts and music.

Pilvi Takala’s Drive with Care, Salla Tykkä’s Giant and  have their international festival premier at IFFR in the short film programming. Tykkä’s film is shown in the international short film competition of the festival (Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films)

A not so quiet Sunday evening on 26.1.2014 is dedicated to the work of flamboyant Finnish futurist, inventor, experimental filmmaker and electronic music pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi.  This special programme includes a screening of Kurenniemi’s early animations.  Mikko Ojanen and Petri Kuljuntausta create a new audio pieces based on Kurenniemi’s audio archive. The evening ends with the live audiovisual concert SSEENNSSEESS, which includes a live gig by Circle and live projections by Mika Taanila. Mika Taanila has also curated a special programme titled Kurenniemi’s Cinematic Collaborations for IFFR 2014.

Mind the Gap event on Saturday 25.1.2014 evening features Sasu Ripatti aka Luomo and Vladislav Delay. His latest project Ripattii includes Vladislav Delay’s live-DJ set and AGF’s live visuals.


Speech Karaoke

Speech Karaoke also arrives to Rotterdam. The Finnish Speech Karaoke Action Group doesn’t have a catalogue of boring hits, but does have a database with snippets of legendary European speeches. The Finns will teach you the finer points of presenting during this workshop after which, on Wednesday 29 January, you can present the text to the venue with complete conviction.

The Finnish programme at IFFR is a collaboration of Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, AV-arkki, Frame Visual Art Finland and International Film Festival Rotterdam. The Programme is curated by the IFFR’s programmer Peter van Hoof.

AV-arkki participates also in the professional programme of IFFR 2014. Sami Sänpäkkilä’s Psychedelic Alphabet for the NewbornSini Pelkki’s A ReplacementCecilia Stenbom’s The CasePasi “Sleeping” Myllymäki’s SleepingJenni Hiltunen’s Grind and Marika Orenius’ Therefore it is (has been) here will be shown in AV-arkki’s press and Industry screening. DINAMO’s (Distribution Network of Artists’ Moving Image Organizations Survival Strategies screening includes Outi Sunila’s Tea Party as AV-arkki’s selection for the programme.

AV-arkki  is the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art. AV-arkki’s activities started in 1989 – this means that AV-arkki is celebrating its 25th anniversary during 2014. AV-arkki distributes and promotes Finnish media art to festivals, events, museums and galleries worldwide. AV-arkki has been a pioneering distributor since 1989 and has opened up opportunities for artists to get their works recognized internationally. The activities of AV-arkki have contributed to the success that Finnish media art enjoys today. These activities are unique in both Finland and the other Nordic countries.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 22.1.–2.2.2014 

Salla Tykkä: Giant
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