Hannu Karjalainen's works in FocusFinland Collateral Programme at ARCOmadrid 2014



Hannu Karjalainen: Towards An Architect (2010)

Finland is the focus country at the international ARCOmadrid art fair to take place in Spain in February. The Finnish selection at the fair comprises 13 galleries and over 20 artists. Arts from Finland will be seen also before and after the fair: exhibitions, discussions, screenings and residencies will be organized in February and during the spring in various venues around Madrid. #FocusFinland is the largest ever collateral programme to accompany ARCOmadrid.

AV-arkki is proud to present Hannu Karjalainen’s works Towards An Architect (2010) and Woman with Dark Hair (2007) in FocusFinland Collateral Programme. Karjalainen’s works will be shown outdoors on three large digital screen at Plaza de Callao, Madrid. AV-arkki is happy to once again take media art into public space!

Hannu Karjalainen (Born 1978 in Haapavesi, Finland) has graduated from The University of Industrial arts Helsinki, Department of Photography in 2005. His video and sound installations and screenings have been shown in galleries and festivals since 2003. He received the young artist of the year award in 2009. Karjalainen’s silent video and film based works often question the gap between still and moving image and also the tradition of portraiture.

Towards An Architect (2010) is a video work inspired by a colour palette designed by architect and urbanist Le Corbusier for the Swiss wallpaper manufacturer Salubra. In a fictive scene an architect is put into close contact with his own product and has to deal with the critical response to his work.

More information on ARCOmadrid 2014 #FocusFinland programme on Frame Visual Art Finland’s website:

Screening schedule: every evening  18.2.–23.2.2014 at 8pm and 10pm. Total duration 16 minutes.


Hannu Karjalainen: Woman with Dark Hair (2007

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