Saara Ekström's Cries and Whispers @ Gammel Holtegaard

Saara Ekström's Cries and Whispers @ Gammel Holtegaard

Saara Ekström’s installation Cries and Whispers (2002) is part of the international group exhibition LUSCIOUS THRILLS – Baroque Reflections Then and Now in Gammel Holtegaard, Denmark.

Held from August 26 to December 30, the exhibition combines vanitas iconography in the Baroque and contemporary art, featuring works by Helen Chadwick, Saara Ekström, Jeppe Hein, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and others.

The triptych of Cries and Whispers depicts the last movements of three oysters before their lives end. The work is defined by the contemplation of living and limited nature of life; the interconnected processes of life and death.

Saara Ekström lives and works in Turku, Finland. In her video, photography and installation works, Ekström is interested in natural and artificial materials that embody strong symbolic values. She has participated in several national and international exhibitions since 1986. Her works are represented in many collections in Finland and internationally.

LUSCIOUS THRILLS – Baroque Reflections Then and Now 26.8.–30.12.

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