Focus Finland at International Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris

Focus Finland at International Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris

International Film Festival Signes de Nuit will present a special programme with Finnish media art, curated by the festival director Dieter Wieczorek. The festival is held at various venues in Paris from November 24 to December 4. In addition, Azar Saiyar’s History Bleeds Under Your Fingernails was selected to the international competition of “Transgressive cinema”. The competition screening takes place on Tuesday, November 29. Focus Finland will be screened on Sunday, November 27.

Azar Saiyar’s History Bleeds Under Your Fingernails is a short film on the history of taming the left hand and on the culture of cultivating the bodies that do not fit. It studies how we used to believe that being left-handed could lead to criminality, stupidity, and immoral behaviour and how we tried to educate our children not to use that hand.

Still from: Saiyar: History Bleeds Under Your Fingernails (2016)

Still from: Saiyar: History Bleeds Under Your Fingernails (2016)

Films in the Focus Finland programme

Risto-Pekka Blom: Farewell (2016, 03:20)

A film about the disappearance of our familiar earth and about personal longing.

Marjo Levlin: The Prison Mother’s Lullaby (2015, 05:58)

A poetic and symbolistic piece about Finnish female prisoners who serve their sentence with their child.

Risto-Pekka Blom: Kudryavka – Little Ball of Fur (2013, 05:08)

Kudryavka – Little ball of fur is a piece compiled mainly of archive material, centering around the launch of Laika the dog into space in 1957.

Jari Silomäki:  “We Are the Revolution”, after Joseph Beuys – Making of: Walking in Krasny Bor forest, Karelia, Russia (2016, 02:43)

In the video, the artist visits the scenes for the major political murders of the 20th century and takes as many steps as there were victims in each tragedy. The long walk starts in Russia. The artist is walking on the memorial for the victims of Stalin’s persecutions in the Krasny Bor forest, Karelia, Russia.

Milja Viita: Q (2016, 06:00)

Q is a conceptual film about forces that change the world. Q takes us to the end of the worlds, the depths of the ocean and to the ruins of Atlantis. Q’s destruction is the road to new growth — it is the only promise of continuity and the emergence of new nations. Q is shot on 16 mm film whose surface has been hand-coloured.

Jaakko Pallasvuo: Picasso (2014, 05:55)

Picasso imagines a fraught personal relationship between Pallasvuo and Pablo Picasso, who happen to be sharing an apartment together. Their cohabitation is overall unbearable.

Tommi Matikka: Volcano Room (2016, 11:00)

Volcano Room is a thoroughly poetic short film. The narrative merges the past reign of large lizards, the borderless present, and the future that will never come. The viewer is led beyond fantasy – to an era where the animated dream images force him to take a deep breath and dive.

International Festival Signes de Nuit, November 24 – December 4, Paris

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