Erkka Nissinen in focus at KuFF - Kumu Art Film Festival, June 4-7

Erkka Nissinen in focus at KuFF - Kumu Art Film Festival, June 4-7

If you missed the retrospective Profiles Screening of Erkka Nissinen at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen – here is an interesting opportunity! A total of nine films by Nissinen from 1997–2014 are presented in a Focus Programme at KuFF – Kumu Art Film Festival.

The first KuFF – Kumu Art Film Festival takes place in Tallinn, Estonia from 4 to 7 June 2015. The festival is the first cultural event in Estonia to focus on the relationship between film and the visual arts. During the four days of KuFF, documentary, staged and experimental art and artist’s films will be screened in the Kumu Art Museum’s auditorium.

The Kumu Art Film Festival is comprised of many thematic sections: artist’s films, documentary films on art, experimental forms combining film and video, as well as archival materials. KuFF collaborates with the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

In little more than a decade, filmmaker and artist Erkka Nissinen (b. 1975) has produced a body of work that has no equal: absurd, grotesque, bizarre, satirical. Nissinen has studied in The Slade School of Fine Art in London and the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland. During 2011 Rotterdam Art Fair Nissinen won the acclaimed Illy Prize. In 2013, he was awarded with the AVEK Prize for media art.

Focus: Erkka Nissinen on Sunday, June 7 at 15
Introduction by Kati Ilves, the Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at Kumu

1. Onion, 1997 | 5:40 min

2. A Man and Carrot, 2001 | 2 min

3. Helsinki 2000, Episode 2, 2001 | 10:30 min

4. The Social Construction of Reality, 2005 | 17 min

5. Night School, 2007 | 15.30 min

6. Vantaa, 2008 | 10 min

7. Rigid Regime, 2002 | 13 min

8. Polis X, 2012 | 15.30 min

9. Material Conditions of Inner Spaces, 2014 | 15:29 min

KuFF – Kumu Art Film Festival in Tallinn, Estonia, 4.–7.6.2015. For more information go to:

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