Finnish Media Art at Ewha International Media Art Presentation

Finnish Media Art at Ewha International Media Art Presentation

A vast array of Finnish media art is presented at EMAP (Ewha International Media Art Presentation), held in Seoul, South Korea, from May 23–29. Established in 2001, EMAP is an open-air sound and moving image festival with Ewha Womans University campus area as its venue.

To mark the 130th anniversary of the Ewha Womans University, the festival has a special theme “S.O.S. Save Our Souls. Art for a Time of Urgencies.” Lecturer Pontus Kyander with his team (Anastasia Isakova, Ulla Pitkänen, Katariina Timonen) has curated a special film selection and a series of screenings with works from Finnish art schools and AV-arkki. Mika Taanila’s Tectonic Plate will have its Asian premiere at EMAP. The themes of the screenings range from “Futures Lost, Futures Regained” to “My Body is My Battleground”.

Kuva: Taanila, Mannerlaatta (2016)

Still from: Taanila, Mannerlaatta (2016)

In addition, following works by AV-arkki’s artists are included in the programme, for schedule and further details, see EMAP website:

Diego Bruno: Galindez (2015, 21:56)

EMAP, Seoul, The Republic of Korea, May 23–29

More information: EMAP: Save Our Souls

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