Cycle by Milla Moilanen and Primus Tempus by Azar Saiyar at INVIDEO 2015 in Milan, Oct 28 – Nov 1

Cycle by Milla Moilanen and Primus Tempus by Azar Saiyar at INVIDEO 2015 in Milan, Oct 28 – Nov 1

The films Cycle (2014) by Milla Moilanen (b. 1964) and Primus Tempus (2014) by Azar Saiyar (b. 1979) have been selected for INVIDEO – 25th International Exhibition of Video and Cinema Beyond.

INVIDEO 2015 takes place between October 28 and November 1, 2015 in Milan, Italy and represents an international reference point for the full range of audiovisual production connected to electronic art, video art and new technologies.

Moilanen’s film depicts the cycle of life. The animation is based on found footage from the end of the 19th century and photos from the director’s family albums.

The film participated in the International Competition of Busan International Short Film Festialin (BISFF) in South Korea in April 2015.

Milla Moilanen is a director, media artist and a pioneer in Finnish digital animation. Moilanen has been working with moving images and multimedia since 1987. She has created short films and many kinds of audiovisual projects as an independent artist, graphic designer and photographer. Moilanen’s award-winning works have been presented at numerous festivals and exhibitions around the world.

Azar Saiyar: Primus Tempus (2014)

Azar Saiyar: Primus Tempus (2014)

In Saiyar’s Primus Tempus, reorganised fragments of television commercials give birth to an illusion that is separate from the originals. The images are still enchanting and appealing – but lack a direct connection to the product. The reason and interpretation becomes more vague and open.

The film has been presented in international festivals and events such as VIDEOMEDEJA 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia; Kino der Kunst in Munich and Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Film Festival in Germany, and MEDIAWAVE 2015 in Komarom, Hungary.

Azar Saiyar is an Iranian-Finnish visual artist and filmmaker. She grew up in Finland and Sweden, and graduated from Turku Arts Academy in 2004 and from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2009. Saiyar’s works have been presented in festivals and events in Finland and abroad, including Helsinki Short Film Festival Kettupäivät 2009, MECAL Short Film Festival of Barcelona 2009, Nordisk Film Festival 2009 in Fredrikshavn, Denmark, Tampere Film Festival 2010, Cannes Cinefondation 2010 and Loop Festival Barcelona 2010.

INVIDEO – 25th International Exhibition of Video and Cinema Beyond in Milan, Italy, October 28 – November 1, 2015.

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