Axel Straschnoy @ La Figure de la Terre, Institut Finlandais, Paris, 17.02.2015

Axel Straschnoy @ La Figure de la Terre, Institut Finlandais, Paris, 17.02.2015

Artist: Axel Straschnoy
Event type: screening
Name of the event: La Figure de la Terre
Time: 17.02.2015 @ 19:00
Event location: Institut Finlandais, 60, rue des Écoles, 75005, Paris

Premiere of the cinematographic version of the film La Figure de la Terre by Axel Straschnoy as the final event in a seminar about scientific exploration in nordic regions. The film is based on the book written by Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis, a mathematician at the Royal Science Academy, in 1738. Maupertuis wrote the book after returning from the Tornio valley, where he had directed one of the first international scientific expeditions. While precise scientifically, Maupertuis exaggerates in his narration the dangers that he and his collaborators were exposed to during their time in Lapland. Osmo Pekonen, Ph.D., a Finnish historian of science and an expert on this expedition, plays two roles in the film. On the one hand he is the scientific advisor, ensuring the precision of the reenacted events and providing the context to Maupertuis’s book. On the other hand, he plays Maupertuis in the film. He is joined by Johan Stén, Ph.D., also a Finnish historian of science, who plays the part of Anders Celsius.

The film has been supported by AVEK, TAIKE, Tornio city, and the Maupertuis Foundation. It has been produced by Kolme Perunaa.

The installation version of La Figure de la T erre was exhibited at Del Infinito Arte in Buenos Aires in November-December 2014. This projection constitutes the premiere of its cinematographic version.

La Figure de la Terre - Film Poster

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