AV-ARKKI’s Distribution Catalogue for 2015–2016 is now available online! 

AV-ARKKI’s Distribution Catalogue for 2015–2016 is now available online! 

Image: Juha van Ingen: ONE (2015)

Our Catalogue offers a diverse portrait of recent moving image art works by Finland-based artists and filmmakers.

AV-arkki’s Distribution Catalogue 2015–2016 is intended for professional preview. The catalogue is distributed via AV-arkki’s international distribution programme for professional audiences in numerous events, film festivals and art fairs world wide.

Moving image works have been selected for the Distribution Catalogue 2015–2016 by guest curators, media artist Mika Taanila and Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Kati Kivinen, together with AV-arkki’s staff.

The selection consists of the following titles:

1. Diego Bruno: Galindez (2015 | 00:21:56)

2. Sasha Huber: KARAKIA The Resetting Ceremony (2015 | 00:05:20)

3. Anssi Kasitonni: Finnish Midsummer 2169 (2016 | 00:09:45)

4. Tuomas A. Laitinen: The Powder of Sympathy (2015 | 00:08:36)

5. Marjo Levlin: Oblivion – O Blif Igen! (2015 | 00:30:00)

6. Petra Lindholm: Empty Vessels, (2016 | 00:08:14)

7. Kimmo Modig & Tuomas A. Laitinen: Landlording (2015 | 00:07:28)

8. Salla Myllylä: My Tree (2015 | 00:01:10)

9. Teemu Mäki: Madness and Civilization, (2015 | 00:56:07)

10. Jaakko Pallasvuo & Anni Puolakka: Sacre (2015 | 00:21:13)

11. Juha van Ingen: ONE (2015 | 00:07:45)

12. Timo Wright: Null Statue (2015 | 00:08:00)

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The whole catalogue can be found on our website and Vimeo. Please request a password for the online catalogue from AV-arkki´s staff or fill in a request form at: http://www.av-arkki.fi/preview/. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and don’t forget to check back for the new and improved pages soon!

Find stills for works in AV-arkki’s Distribution Catalogue 2015–2016 here.

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