AV-arkki’s Distribution Catalogue 2014-2015 released

AV-arkki’s latest distribution catalogue is a diverse portrait of recent artists’ moving image art works.


AV-arkki’s Distribution Catalogue 2014-2015 is a DVD-release intended for professional preview. The catalogue will be distributed via AV-arkki’s international distribution program. It is also handed out to professional audiences in numerous events, film festivals and art fairs world wide.

Selection committee for the Distribution Catalogue 2014-2015 is Juhani Alanen (Executive Director, Tampere Film Festival), Otto Suuronen (Distribution Assistant, Finnish Film Foundation) and a representation from AV-arkki’s staff. 78 titles was submitted for the selection process of the newest catalogue. The following 13 titles were selected for the DVD-release:

01. Salla Tykkä: Giant, 12:47, 2014
02. Pekka Sassi: After Everything, 28:46, 2014
03. Dave Berg: Barbieworld Experience Part 1 – Overture, 3:32, 2014
04. Erkka Nissinen: Material conditions of Inner Spaces, 15:29, 2014
05. Maija Blåfield: Golden Age, 18:30, 2015
06. Lauri Astala: Transit, 9:30, 2014
07. Azar Saiyar: Primus Tempus, 5:17, 2014
08. Maarit Suomi-Väänänen: Minispectacles 9 x Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, 9:00, 2014
09. Kaisu Koski: Not Scale at all, 10:11, 2014
10. Hanne Ivars: Power and Glory: Red Carpet, 2:36, 2014
11. Henna-Riikka Halonen: The Vessel, it’s all gone mushroom shaped and then to dust!, 08:53, 2013
12. Milla Moilanen: Cycle, 10:00, 2014
13. Emilia Ukkonen: Monologue, 6:13, 2013

Please contact Distribution Coordinator Mikko Mällinen submissions(at)av-arkki.fi for questions regarding the DVD-catalogue and preview copies or request a copy by filling the order form here: http://www.av-arkki.fi/preview/

DVD-catalogue 2014-2015 will be updated with newer works before the end of year. A new selection process will be organized during the autumn 2014. The production of the catalogue is supported by Frame Visual Art Finland.

See all the stills of selected works in AV-arkki’s facebook page!

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