Astala, Näsänen, Rinne, Ruscica and Palosaari @ A View from the Other Side - Media Art from Finland and Korea, Seoul, Korea, 22.10.-20.11.2014

Transit by Lauri Astala,  Sea by Miia Rinne,  La Villette by Elena Näsänen, Evolutions by Jani Ruscica,  A View from the Other Side by IC-98 and Minimal Romantic by Sari Palosaari have been selected to A View from the Other Side – Media Art from Finland and Korea exhibition, Seul, Korea.

Sookmyung Women’s University Moonshin Museum is delighted to announce A View from the Other Side, a group exhibition of leading media artists from Finland and Korea, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the museum’s opening.

A View from the Other Side is the first exhibition in Korea to present Elena Näsänen, IC-98 (representative of Finnish pavilion in Venice Biennale 2015), Jani Ruscica, Lauri Astala, Miia Rinne and Sari Palosaari, all of whom have exhibited widely around the globe but not in Korea. It is a rare opportunity for audiences in Korea to experience media art by internationally acclaimed artists from both countries together. Korean artists on show are Hyewon Kwon, Jungju An, Min Jeong Guem, Sejin Kim, Sekwon Ahn, and Yongseok Oh. The exhibition is curated by Seihee Shon, Kyoung A Hong, and Jinhee Nah in collaboration.

The exhibition shows works in pairs according to their concepts, methods, and visual impressions. Six pairs of artists’ works are mapped onto the names of imaginary cities from the wonderfully poetic novel ‘Invisible Cities’ by Italo Calvino. This provides a unique context from which we can view the works in many different ways. As much as the fantastic cities are open spaces producing a variety of meanings, we wish A View from the Other Side to be a space in which viewers can find various meanings and perceptions and create new narratives. The exhibition title, from the title of work on show by IC-98, reflects this curatorial aim and suggests the geographical locations of Korea and Finland.

The exhibition is sponsored by Sookmyung Women’s University, FRAME Visual Art Finland, Embassy of Finland Seoul.

​Event: A View from the Other Side – Media Art from Finland and Korea
Dates of the event: 22 October – 20 November 2014 (opening: 22 October)
City: Seoul
Country: Korea
Curator: Seihee Shon, Kyoung A Hong, Jinhee Nah



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